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Why Nutrition

Juice Plus+ is vine ripened fruits, vegetables and berries condensed into a powder and put into a capsule. Juice Plus+ bridges the gap between what we should eat and what we do eat. 

Salad bar in a capsules!! 


Our world today is full of toxins that we breathe and ingest. Our food is not as healthy as it once was, the ground is depleted of nutrients, food is sprayed with pesticides and in many cases genetically modified. For our bodies to build a strong immune system and break down these toxins we need a diet full of phytonutrients found only in plants. Juice Plus+ is the next best thing….


Some of Our Products

Our products are designed to help you move forward wherever you are on your health journey, one simple change at a time.



Build a solid nutritional foundation for yourself and your family.

Make our tasty soft chews a part of your daily routine!

Ideal for children and for those who don't like to swallow capsules, Juice Plus+ chewables complement your diet with added nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetable and berries in a delicious gummy form.



Build a solid nutritional foundation for yourself and your family.

Imagine feeling confident about what you put in your body. We created our fruit, vegetable and berry blends to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat, every day.



Delicious, On-The-Go Plant-Based Nutrition

Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes and bars are the perfect way to support your day, whether you’re going from meeting-to-meeting, picking up the kids or finishing a workout. Our Complete products provide balanced plant-based nutrition for healthier snacking throughout the day.

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The Key to Nutrition

Why We Love These Products

I was introduced to Juice Plus+ when I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in November 2012. I learned how the phytonutrients found in fruits, vegetables and berries would help my body recover and heal itself from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments. I needed to eat more than the recommended 9-13 serving everyday from a variety of plants and this was impossible for me on many different levels. So, I did the next best thing and started eating Juice Plus+ everyday. 

Through the treatments I was able to enjoy a normal life of fun. I didn’t get ulcers, or experience vomiting, I rebounded after ever treatment and continued to live a fairly active life. Actually, I was more active then those around me!! I’ve been cancer free ever since and I believe the nutrients found in Juice Plus carried me through the harsh cancer treatments and are instrumental in helping my body prevent any secondary cancers from forming. I tell everyone…Eat your fruits and vegetables - your body will love you. 

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