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We can help you attain, regain, and sustain
optimal health through simple lifestyle changes.

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Our Passion At Vibrant Life


How We Help People

We have experienced vibrant health by making simple lifestyle changes.  One step at a time we focused on nutrition, inner balance and hydration.  Along the journey our health improved from sickness and disease maintenance to living pharmaceutical free vibrant lives.  

Now, we want to help you! 


Why We Help People

Health is not a one size fits all product.  We know how much this health journey has improved our lives and we want to be able to help you too!


We would love to talk to you and help you where you are with whatever your needs may be. 


Who We Are

Mark and I both retired from the Air Force in 2005 after serving 46 years collectively. We lived a fit lifestyle so we thought, but we were always fighting intestinal ailments, severe allergies, upper respiratory problems, migraines, sleepless nights and fatigue. We didn't have a problem maintaining our body weight and fat composition because we didn't eat a lot of fast food. We easily ran the military fit test within the allotted time frame and we pursued an active lifestyle off duty. We would complete 100 mile bike rides, run 1/2 marathons for fun, and run a few marathons for the medals. We continued this pattern of lifestyle without any knowledge of the importance of phytonutrients, proper hydration or inner balance. Our lives changed dramatically in 2012. Within days of Shelly's 49th birthday we received a medical report with the dreaded C word.  Stage 3 breast cancer!! 


For the next three years we survived the onslaught of medical treatments - cut it out, poison it and medicate it!! During these procedures we started researching how we can survive this disease, the treatment and be a survivor for years after. (Although Shelly was the patient as a husband and caregiver I was feeling her pain). In this pursuit of health and survival mode we learned simple lifestyle changes can and did improve our health in dramatic ways!! Our immune system is stronger than ever, our health is at an optimal level and our "common ailments" are so far and few between that we cant remember the last time we were sick.  


Because these simple changes made such an improvement in our health we have made it our mission to share the information in hopes of helping others to attain, regain and sustain optimal health so they too can live a vibrant healthy life. 

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